Friend Friday: Caitlin’s Go-To Beauty Product

I’m not a makeup artist nor professional! I’m just an average girl who fares, perhaps, slightly below average in the “looking like a polished lady” category.


I have had reasonable success with “faking it till I make it” skin-wise thanks to Lorac’s POREfection foundation! ( The reason I love it is that IT REALLY DOES minimize the appearance of your pores. My skin appears more even-toned and smooth! Another cool part is that it is only $35 at Sephora, can’t really beat that.

How to apply it: Step one: Wash your hands (the medical professional in me is a big fan of hand hygiene). Step two: Choose your own adventure. It’s foundation! You can either dap the foundation on without primer with a beauty blender. Reminder, it won’t last all day without it. If you want an all day look, first would be foundation primer and then foundation!

Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong with Lorac POREfection. I pinky promise. Lazy girl’s honor.

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Friend Friday: Jillian’s Go-To Beauty Products

Every fall and spring, I do a huge clean out of my beauty products. It’s an opportunity to throw out expired products and finding old gems!

October, has been a month of rediscovering old drugstore favourites. It made me question, why I put these products in my storage in the first place? I do get overwhelmed at times with the amount of products I have on my counter, so my first instinct is to put them in storage.

Anyway, onto the products! I have been l o v i n g my Loreal ‘s True Match foundation! This product has been around for yeaarrrss! I have trouble finding foundation that is my colour, hold up oily skin, and to provide medium to full coverage. This one takes the win in all 3 categories. I love how many colours that they have in the line, which is great since lots of drugstore makeup lines don’t provide this much variety!

My next 2 favourites are also from Loreal! I’m really feeling the brand this month. I rediscovered an old favourite mascara combo of mine – L’Oreal Voluminous and L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly.

How I apply: First, I curl my lashes, then apply a coat of the Voluminous mascara. Next I go in with the Butterfly mascara and woah, false lash look is in effect! I’ve been using fake lashes in my daily routine for the past month but now I can use this fabulous mascara combo.

My last product (which is not L’Oreal hahaha) is  NYX’s Jumbo Stick in Milk! How did I forget about this one? I love using it as an eyelid primer and an inner rim liner on the lower lashline. It’s pretty intense on most people, but I find that I am pale enough to pull it off (perks of being pale!) I also found a NYX Jumbo Stick in Cottage Cheese. It is okay, but not as good as Milk. It’s not as pigmented.

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