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My Picks from Sephora’s Black Friday Sale

It’s that time of year again! Not Thanksgiving, I’m talking about Black Friday. Growing up, Black Friday is such a big deal (literally and figuratively). Seeing people wait in line at 3pm on Thanksgiving day. Others even days before, just to get a damn TV! Now that it’s 2017 and pretty much everyone lives on the internet, Black Friday isn’t such a pain in the butt.

Anyone who is a makeup junkie knows Sephora is paradise. The holy grail of makeup brands! As I was browsing the deals, I literally was adding everything to my cart. Once you check out the site, you’ll catch yourself doing the same, promise. It is all such a steal, there is no excuse to miss this!

Though, after looking at my cart, it was clear to say, I only chose from 4 categories: skin, hair, face, and lips. Which works out perfectly because to me, these are key points to create a great look.

Here are the deals that you shouldn’t miss this Friday!



Your skin is your canvas. Having clear, non acne prone skin would be a dream! Of course, we’re all not perfect and will have breakouts. It’s normal. I never took my skin too seriously until I had the worst outbreak I’ve ever experienced earlier this year. With that, alongside having lots of upcoming travel, it very important to keep this base feeling amazing.

Sephora brand face mask $10

-These are great for on-the goes, like travel or just a “lazy” self care. I personally love the Sephora brand of face mask.


GlamGlow $42

-I LOVE this brand. Keep in mind, just because it is a trendy brand, doesn’t mean it will not benefit your skin!  This brand has actually helped my skin prevent a few future breakouts. Also, who wouldn’t love to take fun selfies with this on?


Drunk Elephant Morning Wash $23

-This is a new brand that I’ve actually never heard of. With it being such a cute name and having amazing reviews, it is something worth trying. Plus with it being affordable, I personally wouldn’t feel bad if it were a miss.



Having a bit of color on the cheeks will make you look lively. Whether that is adding a pop of blush or being glammed AF with highlight. Here are 2 brands that you can never go wrong with, especially in this category.


Becca Highlight $24

-Do we really need an intro for this?  This is such a cult favorite! The fact that it is only $24 compared to it’s originally price of $30? I’ll take this and still have enough for a cup of coffee!


Anastasia Blush Kit $30

-While Anastasia is really known for their eyebrow pencils… have you tried their blushes? Oh my goodness, so much pigment and colors! 4 different shades for under $50? Freaking steal!



A lazy girl with champagne looks? Check out this steal.


Dry Bar Set $25

-Washing your hair every day is a no. For it to not become so greasy, try this!



This is my favorite category. Of course you can experiment with any makeup products but with the lips, it makes or breaks a look. From the color, the texture and how long it lasts. Personally, I would drop a few for a damn good lipstick! If they come in sets? Even better.


Dior Mini Lipstick Set $50

-This was the first thing I added to my cart! Although these are a mini set, you can’t help but pass up these beautiful shades of red. Dior is known for high pigmentation!


Bite Beauty Lipstick Kit $25

-This brand will have their big break in 2018. Eco friendly and pocket friendly, count me in!


Happy Black Friday Everyone!!

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