Friend Friday

Friend Friday: Shivaun’s Go-To Beauty Product

I created a new segment to my blog which is called Friend Friday!
Every Friday, I will be introducing a new friend and their favorite beauty product.

With to being the first day of this amazing segment, I couldn’t be more happier with my first guest! Her and I have been friends for about 2 years and recently, our friendship has gotten closer.

Happy Friday!

If you’ve been searching for that poppin highlighter that can be seen from space, look no further!

The L.A. Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powder in 120 Watt, is my favorite inexpensive one! If you’re like me, spending $20-30 on makeup hurts your heart (and bank account) just a bit. This one right here is about $7 and $9 if you need to order it online. You can find it at CVS, Ulta and even Walmart.

Once you start applying the highlight, you’ll be screaming “yaaaas girl” to your reflection! Trust me, I’ve gotten multiple compliments while wearing it too!
I was blessed with this highlight when my sister decided she didn’t like it. She passed it down to me and needless to say, it was a blessing in disguise.

How to Apply:
You would need a fan brush and then apply on the cheekbones right under your eyes. You can apply on the tip of your nose as well! I wear this on the weekends and sometimes to work, when I want that extra glow.

Get you some if you wanna have that fleeky highlight in yo life!

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