What I have Learned in Three Months

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Want to hear some exciting news? I’ve hit my three-month mark of living in NYC! Can’t say this enough but time sure does fly! This may not seem like a lot to some people but to me, it made a huge impact in my life. So many ups and downs, there even would be times when I would think to myself, what the hell am I doing here?! But as of right now, I am happy where I am. Career wise no but to everything else, I am.

I took control of it and will continue to do so.

Enough with the with ramble, I want to share with you all What I have learned in three months:

  1. Always have some cash on you. (You never know when you want a $3 pizza slice.)
  2. Download Google Maps or Transit. (This will save your life!)
  3. Always be prepared. (Look out for yourself. Remind yourself why you moved here!)
  4. Do NOT buy your groceries on Sundays.
  5. You will fall asleep on the subway and miss your stop.
  6. There are nice people!
  7. Protect your belongings! (Pick Pockets!)
  8. Days will for sure fly by.
  9. Korean Food is the best.
  10. You will for sure have a live concert outside your window, thanks to your neighbors!
  11. Headphones are a blessing.
  12. You will master the subway system… or not. (Time will tell)
  13. Getting to the opposite side of the city is the worst! (Westside to Eastside)
  14. Your friends will always want to visit.
  15. Union square at night is so peaceful.
  16. Manhattan is literally a grind. (Avenues vertical and Streets go horizontal)
  17. You will spend $6+ on an Iced coffee but it will be so worth it.
  18. Having a staring contest on the subway is totally fun.
  19. You will complain about everything.
  20. STAY STRONG!!!!!

Mini Letters to my Exes 

I found this one my phone today. While I was reading these, I could not help but smile. I loved that all of them were so different from each other. As well as teaching me lessons and getting to me where I am now. All of these have not been edited, I like it like that. Guess this was a way for me to leave it all in the past. Letting go..

Boyfriend #1 (The First): Do you remember when we first met? I do. We had a mutual friend who had a mini get together. When we were first introduced I didn’t think anything of it accept “wow! He is really cute!”. Everyone was having a great time singing, dancing, laughing… But in between those moments, I noticed we would have our little moments. Our awkward eye contact, our smiles when we thought our friends were being silly. It sounds like a low budget rom-com, I know but we were young. Fast forward a month later, our same friend was having another get together. Again, when we saw each other it was nothing accept, I noticed little things from you. You were always wanting to know more about me. Always asking questions about what I liked and what I didn’t like. You would sit by me in the rides. I remember you asked me to hold your hand because you were “scared” at that moment I thought it was creepy but now, I found it attractive and thoughtful. You didn’t care if our other friends were talking how you were making it noticeable. You made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. Our endless phone calls, our inside jokes. Your $2000 phone bill because when you went to Europe you did whatever it took to talk to me. To listen to my voice. To know how my day was here in boring Texas while you were off in Europe. Our good luck kisses. You’re voice whenever you would sing some Johnny Cash out of no where. I could honestly say, you were the best first real boyfriend any girl can have. Though you are in a new relationship right now and you are the happiest you’ve ever been, I’m so happy for you. You deserve the love that you give.

Boyfriend #2 (The Changer): You. You changed the game. You pretty much changed my whole naïve mind to the dating world. I should have known from the start, you didn’t want to be serious. I should have known because we had a mutual friend who has strong feelings for you but you just threw her in the dust. I shouldn’t have persuaded at that point, but I liked the challenge. I should have stopped after the 5th time you lied to me and bailed on me. I should have known that night I was going to surprise you with dinner I made you and tell you my accomplishment because I’ve never cooked before. After the text at 8, I never heard anything from you. Not until the next morning when you said “you’re phone died”. I believed you. I always stuck up for you. All of my friends told me to leave you but I thought I could change you. Well, I lost that game. And I didn’t take that loss easily. It took me months to stop thinking about you. It took me what it felt like years to try to move on. When you weren’t giving me the attention, you kept me wanting more of it. I was older dog who deeply wanted his owners attention while he was giving his to his new, adorable puppy he just got. I was weak. I was heartbroken. I was lost. But you know what? I stayed strong and I’ve never been happier.

Boyfriend #3 (The Cherisher): You will always and forever have a place in my heart. I will always support you in whatever decision you make in your life. It’s pretty funny how we met. You know the saying where once you stop looking, it’ll come to you? You are the proof for me. You taught me so much about myself that I’ve never known. You helped me get back to my passion when I was a little girl, writing. I’m so thankful for you. Even after our break up, our miscommunication, our timing. Our time together was the best time I’ve ever experienced with anyone. You were on the other side of the country but it didn’t feel like it. It felt like you were always next to me. You made me believe in myself and always become better. Seeing your name pop up on my phone, I would smile from ear to ear and everyone would always ask me “what happened!”. Everything about you, I loved. I loved your past, I love your ambition, I love your dedication, I loved how you cared. Everything you’ve been through, I can’t help but be so so happy for you. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you. How far you’ve become as a person and as an individual. I hope one day, we can meet again, but for now, see you later.