Friend Friday: Brigitte’s Go-To Beauty Product

I’m always on the run and the last thing I want to worry about is if my make up is running too. My main concern is eyeliner smearing and for the girls that can relate to oily skin problems, gel and pencil liner doesn’t cut it. Liquid liner is the way to go for productive days.

My favorite is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof liquid liner. Working 12 hour days and continuing in the night, Stila stays put and it makes sure your eyes stay looking sharp. The brush helps your winged eyeliner stay even and precise. The color comes out bold and one pencil lasts about two months depending how much you use everyday.

I recommend Stila for anyone always on the move and staying busy you have no time to do a make up check in the mirror.

May your day be as flawless as your winged eyeliner!


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Friend Friday: Caitlin’s Go-To Beauty Product

I’m not a makeup artist nor professional! I’m just an average girl who fares, perhaps, slightly below average in the “looking like a polished lady” category.


I have had reasonable success with “faking it till I make it” skin-wise thanks to Lorac’s POREfection foundation! ( The reason I love it is that IT REALLY DOES minimize the appearance of your pores. My skin appears more even-toned and smooth! Another cool part is that it is only $35 at Sephora, can’t really beat that.

How to apply it: Step one: Wash your hands (the medical professional in me is a big fan of hand hygiene). Step two: Choose your own adventure. It’s foundation! You can either dap the foundation on without primer with a beauty blender. Reminder, it won’t last all day without it. If you want an all day look, first would be foundation primer and then foundation!

Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong with Lorac POREfection. I pinky promise. Lazy girl’s honor.

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