Summer Reading List

Reading has been a favorite pastime of mine. Of course, life happens and I would go a month without reading. Which is okay, because when you let something go and it comes back, it’s meant to be, right?

I enjoy reading almost everything except Horror (shout out to Mr. Stephen King for this fear). I love Fiction. It took me a while to come to terms with this. People that I know who enjoy reading, always frowned upon Fiction and I was ashamed. Finally I let my ego fly away because duh. This genre let’s me escape from reality, use my creativity and majority of the time, is very relatable!

Since Summer is here, despite the cloudy forecast here in NYC, I thought I would do some Summer reading. Never did a “Summer reading list” but it’s something new and challenging!


Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien

This follows two girls, separate generations, from China. Two different upbringings but both with fathers having passion with the artistic side, makes it more interesting.

Per goodreadsWith maturity and sophistication, humor and beauty, Thien has crafted a novel that is at once intimate and grandly political, rooted in the details of life inside China yet transcendent in its universality”.


No One Can Pronounce My Name by Rakesh Satyal

A story of an Indian American named Harit. With the loss his sister, keep his mother along with himself sane, he would dress up like her from time to time. There is Rajana, having a struggle with her marriage and feeling lost. Of course, these two meet and overcome fear while discovering love. With the setting in the Midwest in America, it will compare how different two cultures are.

I feel like I would relate to this since my name is ALWAYS mispronounced! Along, being Asian living the America.


The Chamber of Secrets and The Prince of Azkaban (Harry Potter #2 and #3) by J.K Rowling

I know everyone has read the Harry Potter books, I know. Of course, better late than never, right? Recently started the Chamber of Secrets. From the movies, this has to be my favorite, since it starts to begin the wonders of the dark lord. I want to read both Chambers of Secret and The Prisoner of Azkaban. These will be great in between book reading.



Fun StarTalk Live Episode

No Fashion or Beauty post today. But don’t worry, it will be posted at the end of this week!

I have mentioned this in a previous post about how intrigued I am for Space Exploration lately. I get so many random looks from my friend whenever I learned or watched an exciting video of Utopia or how the black hole works. So much learning and discovery, it will always keep me on my toes.

I listened to a StarTalk episode “Live! From SF Sketchfest 2016 – Part 1 “with Billy Nye, Andy Weir, Maeve Higgins and Jim Green. They talked about our mission to Mars, The Martian, and the future. This was such a fun podcast, I couldn’t stop laughing out loud! I’m sure the person next to me did not like that as though she was trying to sleep. So to the lady sleeping, if you ever happen to come across this post, I would like to apologize for laughing in your ear.

Again, there were so many things that I did not know! Like Andy wrote The Martian as a hobby. Also, he isn’t even a scientist. Just a Programmer in Silicon Valley. Google was his best friend. He didn’t want to make anything up because as he said “there’s nothing more than a nerd loves than proving another nerd wrong.” Hilarious.  He said that many people love the story but hated his site, he made an E-book. Then others wanted it written in an actual book.

This whole gang was so fun. I love how witty they were and I love how they know when to be serious. After I finished the episode, I can’t wait till 2040 to go to Mars. That is way too long, I’ll be close to 50!

I wanted to share this LINK to you all and you may too find it hilarious!