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6 Topshop Sweaters for Fall

Topshop has always been a favorite store of mine. They literally have an item for every season! Also, may I add that it is friendly priced too.

Now that August is over, Fall is slowly coming upon us. Cooler weather, pumpkin spices and sweaters! Combining my favorite store and cool weather, I thought I could share 6 different sweaters from Topshop that are a must have for this Fall season.

Knitted Fit Sweater

A basic for everyone’s closet! You can layer this with a collared shirt underneath for a more preppy look or pair it with a mid-rise skinny jean and chelsea boots. This will be a key item for an “effortless” look, which is one of my favorites.



Cropped Sweater

This is great for those who live in the warmer parts of the world. Back in my hometown, Dallas, it’s Summer 80% of the year and then boom it’s Winter. With a cropped sweater, you can get in the Fall mood like everywhere else. Pair this with anything high waisted will make the effortless-chic look.

Cropped Knitted Sweater

Another cropped sweater but with details! Since there is so much details, there is no need to go over the top on the outfit. You can pair this sweater with a skirt and over the knee boots.

Long Sweater

With this cozy sweater, having it a little short in the front and long in the back, will look great tucked in with yet another pair of high waisted jeans and loafers.



What a great addition to your closet! For those who get cold easily, these would be great! Whenever I wear a turtleneck, it just makes me want to hug myself. Turtlenecks at times can make you feel suffocated, so make sure to pick out the ones that are a bit loose. Pair these with some skinnies and ballet flats. For a night out, heels!

Oversized Turtleneck

Lastly, I bring you an oversized sweater. The ultimate comfort look without looking like a slob. If you are petite like myself, it is hard to find a good pair of these without it swallowing you. Thankfully Topshop has a petite section to avoid that. Without having to do too much on this look, pair these with a dark wash jean and adidas.

Hope to see these sweaters in yall’s closet! Happy Fall


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