5 Bars to Visit While in Milan

Italy will always have a special place in my heart! If I want to get more specific, I would say Milan since I’ve already visited 3 times, but who’s counting? Mind you….I did turn 26 in this city!

Milan isn’t your typical “Italian” city. For one, it’s in the Northern region, which has the city vibe and lots of job opportunities. I love how this city reminds me a bit of NY, just with an Italian twist! There’s a “Time Square”, which would be the Milan Cathedral centre. There’s a bar on every corner you pass and it can get pretty crowded! Not exactly like NY but close enough.

So in Italy, there is something called Aperitivo. Which is a happy hour that includes a bar full of food, just for 10 euros! While in the States, our happy hour consists of $4 Bud Lights and an overpriced plate of nachos! What a dream, am I right?!

With all this being said, I want to share my favorite local bars in Milan. Just in case you are wanting to make a trip…which you do!


Da Otto

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This was the first place I fell in love with! I’m not the type who likes a crowd, which is why this place is perfect! I love the minimalist vibe Otto has to offer. May I add, this could up your IG game, if you snap a photo here!


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Reminded me a bit of Brooklyn. Another thing I love in bars, is the size. The smaller, the better for me. This bar was at the perfect size. The artwork hanging were so unique and there were a few American drinks that caught my eye!

Santeria Social Club Milano

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If you like a place where you can hear live music and still enjoy a good conversation with your friends, here’s your spot! The reason why I love this spot was the live music. When I visited there wasn’t any, just a bit too early! The artwork there had a bit of a retro vibe and of course, dim lighting.

Frizzi e Lazzi

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This grungy feel bar for some reason got my heart. Imagine gravel walls and dark wooden tables.I didn’t stay here for long but while I was there, I had great service. Super quick! Also, a cool thing I found out, there’s a huge outside sitting!

Fonderie Milanesi

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This would be my number one out of the bunchIt’s place is beautiful. The inside had a romantic feel to it, dark setting and candles lit. I had the chance to sit outside their gorgeous patio! So come Spring/Summer, I know this place will be lit. The decoration was just adorable with dainty lights, beautiful artwork, and space-ish. If you have a partner, I recommend this spot!

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